Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Day Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Sunday Marty, Stephen, and I did the Garibaldi - Neve traverse in one day. We got hit with just about every kind of weather you can imagine. We did the whole thing in just under 12 hours with waiting for some weather to clear so we didn't ski of a huge cornice. You know its a gooder when you finish the day and your feet look like hamburger. What a great day.
the bro's at the parking lot at the start.
on the way to elfin lakes.
the boys coming out of ring creek.
marty taking a break with just a shirt on. April right!
a storm rolling in.
mmmm turns
just before the decent on to Garibaldi lake. ten min after this photo was taken a huge storm rolled in and kind of made for some skiing by braille. but we got on to the lake just fine.
water stop.

almost done the lake.

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