Friday, April 01, 2011

Crowsnest pass.

Just got back from the crowsnest pass. Met up with Troy and Christine and had a couple days of awesome skiing. Day one we did a huge day in the Waterton National park and the second day did a sled access in coleman. I kinda got sick in the process also. go figure, drive 13hrs then ski for 9hrs, and then get sick, really? what a great weekend.
C and T
Day 2 feeling the burn.
Ricky and Christine at waterton park with Cameron lake in the back ground.
I stopped for coffee in Cranbrook, yeah rick is a fine piece of meat.
Jay this ones for you. Keep the rubber side down.
The walking dead after a massive day.
this deer was so tame, it came so close to the window, troy told me to pet it, I rolled up the window. I thought the thing was going to bite me.
This is as good as it gets. I just love t and c's little house. so nice and the truck and sled. life is good.
troy forgot his poles. so he just made some new "natural organic" poles.
I skied fernie nordic on the drive out. so good!
thats the biggest day I've ever done.
Troy drove the sled through the back window. I really like the cardboard and duct tape. Also I guess this wouldn't be alberta without a gun rack. thats luke sitting beside me.
Fernie skate ski.
top of summit peak in the waterton park.
pancake breakfast at Chris'. I asked how big the pancakes are, this old guy in the corner said they are as big as Lincon hub caps. True that!
oh Foxy Lady! Saw this guy at waterton.
custom boot job for split boards.


Anonymous said...

Dude man where's my green binder

Anonymous said...

You are the hardest working "Chicken Farmer" EVER!