Monday, April 11, 2011

New Whip

So I kind of got on this bike racing team for this year. Its all good. The team is called Nativo Concepts. Marty is kind of organizing the the west coast side of things and we are going to be doing some very sweet races this year.

The team for the west coast side of things is Marty Lazarski, Neal Kindree and myself. We got our bikes last friday and had a little bit of a build party. then went for a ride on the shore, oh the north shore! we really sent it over some huge 40 foot gap jumps and such. The bike we are racing this year is the Devinci Dexter SL. The bike is just awesome and really rips. I've been on a couple rides since the build and Im just loving it!
my new ride at the top of ledgeview in Abbotsford, trails were mint and the bike was bomber
post ride on the shore, Hey Neal, the 80's called and they want their jacket back.

oh happy day!

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