Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Powder day ever!

Sunday sunday sunday!!!!!! Best pow day ever. I some how managed in true ski bum fashion to get picked up and dropped off with no car and a bunch of gear and ended up skiing in chin deep pow at Needle peak area in the trees with Nathan Etsell. and what a day it was! Im just trashed now. Time to eat the fridge and not play for a while, well maybe one day.
Skin track Etsell.
Boo yeah!
Right above this there was a huge drop that was no big deal cause the snow was so deep!
pow in the trees! oh mama!
face shots all round.
we just got covered in snow! it was crazy! it was chin deep face shots all day. this is the best powder day I have ever had! They closed the hwy too right after we got off it. there was like 10 jack knifed semis in a 5km stretch.

Rogers pass day 3.

woke up, ate another massively over sized breakfast again and decided to park in the same parking lot at Bostock creek again. This time we were off to ski the other side of the valley called Fortitude ridge. Brain Bain came up the night before and also got to experience Toby's night breathing and Martin Lafontaine came up first thing in the morning. By first thing I mean 9am, Im on holidays remember. So there was a group of 7 of us and we farmed some serious pow! I think the top out for the day was 2200m and the run down again was to 900. so sweet! after skiing for 7hrs Marty and jumped in the car and drove back to the Fraser Valley. All in a days work. Another day, another dollar..........spent.
Marty driving the bus.
On the ridge getting some fortitude.
more giggling like school girls. getting ready to shred one unreal run to the valley bottom.
the skin track up was so steep and made about ten million switchbacks, it would have made Brad Rogers poo his pants.
Corn Dawg Master.
Vinny, farming hard!
crossing under the rail way. how low can you go? Toby the limbo champion.

Rogers pass day 2

Rogers pass day two was unreal! Toby and Vinny drove in from Calgary late thursday. After a night of listening to Toby snore like a semi we were ready to shred like no ones business. After grilling the parks canada guy we found an area that was open and took a little access to get in and was north facing and might be pow town friendly. The area we skied was Christina trees. I think our peak elevation was 2200m. the car was parked at 900m so that tells you how long the run was. It was a pillow dropping dream in the woods and some unreal views. Toby, Vinny, Connor, Marty, and myself all took park, what an awesome day.
Morning feed bag. grease and more grease.
at the visitor center they have all kinds of stuffed animals and little displays. Toby is showing what the "Toby Animal" tracks look like.
Insert cougar joke here.loading the cars in the morning.
Lunch time. ricky bars, bagels with pb and nutella, trail mix with chocolate covered espresso beans. OHMAMA!
Thumbs up.
Toby turning on the turbo near the top.
Vinny. Check out that view!
the top sucked for turns but the views were just awesome!
Then after 100m of top garbage the turns got good. real good! marty killing it.
this is what its all about. I think the whole way down the 1000m run we were all giggling like school girls.
cool mt view off marty's goggles.
vinny hitting one of the many pillows. send it bro.
Ricky pillow dropping.

so good!

rogers pass day 1.

After spending the night in the tournament capital of Canada I hit the road early to the pass. I met up with the Corn Dawg master and the polish wonder child. We had the skins on by noon and had a great day skiing Video peak, 2400m I believe. then finding some sweet pow stashes in the Cheops area. the only down side of the day was that it was -16 and crazy windy. wind stopper clothing is a must and so is about 5 heavy winter jackets.
Connor rocking out with his......
Marty about to summit Video
ricky coming down video. really wind blown snow and sun crust and not great skiing but really cool to climb way up there. snow was much better lower down in the trees.
Im so fat right now.
marty shredding
sorry max you have to stay home.
skinning with the boys
on the way up video, marty and connor.
up track to Cheops pow town.
post ski back at the all inclusive resort.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

rogers pass day 0

I just got back from a 5 day ski trip. It was going to be only a 3 day but now some how has turned into a 5 day. Well its only been 4 but Im about to depart to the coq for some pow town if the hwy will let us get there cause there is like 20 cm of chilliwack! Anyhow. Marty, Connor, Toby, and Vinny did 3 solid days at rogers pass. The stories are endless and the pow was tremendous! I did the drive solo cause Marty is a big wheel and flew out there, so I wanted to split the 7hr drive up and stayed with Keith and Catherine in Kamloops. they were so nice and even took me skate skiing at stake lake. We had a great night ski there. For those of you not in the know Catherine is kind of a big deal in womens Mt bike racing. oh yeah and it was -14 when we skied. I see now why they make wind proof underwear.

I have about a million photos from the pass and will try and get the good ones on here over the next week. so stay tuned.....
night ski at stake lake, bring on the cold!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Manning park!

Went for a skate ski yesterday up at manning park. The conditions were unreal! so fast! fresh velvet mama! I was just solo for the ski. After the ski a group of us went to the Jolly Miller for a Jolly good time and free Chili. Its just Jolly!
This is on my drive home, I always love looking at this side of mt cheam.
Feeding the birds. the little birds just loved my nuts.
What! this is as good as it gets! This is at about 1pm and check out how busy the trails have been! This is why manning is so good!
Mama Cita!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

blue bird pow town!

Today Marty, Brad, and I went out to mt baker. It was just awesome! Here are some photos. Friday night Jay, Marina, and I had to go to Dawg Brew Factory for a tour and to pick up some skis and skins.
Dawg Brew and Marina getting blinded by the light. Oh the tasty light!
Can you say Hobo? Will work for skis.
Full moon? good morning!
oh mama!
trail breaking!
this is as good as it gets.
pin it marty! Bring it!