Monday, February 28, 2011

Rogers pass day 2

Rogers pass day two was unreal! Toby and Vinny drove in from Calgary late thursday. After a night of listening to Toby snore like a semi we were ready to shred like no ones business. After grilling the parks canada guy we found an area that was open and took a little access to get in and was north facing and might be pow town friendly. The area we skied was Christina trees. I think our peak elevation was 2200m. the car was parked at 900m so that tells you how long the run was. It was a pillow dropping dream in the woods and some unreal views. Toby, Vinny, Connor, Marty, and myself all took park, what an awesome day.
Morning feed bag. grease and more grease.
at the visitor center they have all kinds of stuffed animals and little displays. Toby is showing what the "Toby Animal" tracks look like.
Insert cougar joke here.loading the cars in the morning.
Lunch time. ricky bars, bagels with pb and nutella, trail mix with chocolate covered espresso beans. OHMAMA!
Thumbs up.
Toby turning on the turbo near the top.
Vinny. Check out that view!
the top sucked for turns but the views were just awesome!
Then after 100m of top garbage the turns got good. real good! marty killing it.
this is what its all about. I think the whole way down the 1000m run we were all giggling like school girls.
cool mt view off marty's goggles.
vinny hitting one of the many pillows. send it bro.
Ricky pillow dropping.

so good!

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