Monday, February 28, 2011

rogers pass day 1.

After spending the night in the tournament capital of Canada I hit the road early to the pass. I met up with the Corn Dawg master and the polish wonder child. We had the skins on by noon and had a great day skiing Video peak, 2400m I believe. then finding some sweet pow stashes in the Cheops area. the only down side of the day was that it was -16 and crazy windy. wind stopper clothing is a must and so is about 5 heavy winter jackets.
Connor rocking out with his......
Marty about to summit Video
ricky coming down video. really wind blown snow and sun crust and not great skiing but really cool to climb way up there. snow was much better lower down in the trees.
Im so fat right now.
marty shredding
sorry max you have to stay home.
skinning with the boys
on the way up video, marty and connor.
up track to Cheops pow town.
post ski back at the all inclusive resort.

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