Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Powder day ever!

Sunday sunday sunday!!!!!! Best pow day ever. I some how managed in true ski bum fashion to get picked up and dropped off with no car and a bunch of gear and ended up skiing in chin deep pow at Needle peak area in the trees with Nathan Etsell. and what a day it was! Im just trashed now. Time to eat the fridge and not play for a while, well maybe one day.
Skin track Etsell.
Boo yeah!
Right above this there was a huge drop that was no big deal cause the snow was so deep!
pow in the trees! oh mama!
face shots all round.
we just got covered in snow! it was crazy! it was chin deep face shots all day. this is the best powder day I have ever had! They closed the hwy too right after we got off it. there was like 10 jack knifed semis in a 5km stretch.

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