Sunday, February 27, 2011

rogers pass day 0

I just got back from a 5 day ski trip. It was going to be only a 3 day but now some how has turned into a 5 day. Well its only been 4 but Im about to depart to the coq for some pow town if the hwy will let us get there cause there is like 20 cm of chilliwack! Anyhow. Marty, Connor, Toby, and Vinny did 3 solid days at rogers pass. The stories are endless and the pow was tremendous! I did the drive solo cause Marty is a big wheel and flew out there, so I wanted to split the 7hr drive up and stayed with Keith and Catherine in Kamloops. they were so nice and even took me skate skiing at stake lake. We had a great night ski there. For those of you not in the know Catherine is kind of a big deal in womens Mt bike racing. oh yeah and it was -14 when we skied. I see now why they make wind proof underwear.

I have about a million photos from the pass and will try and get the good ones on here over the next week. so stay tuned.....
night ski at stake lake, bring on the cold!

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