Monday, February 28, 2011

Rogers pass day 3.

woke up, ate another massively over sized breakfast again and decided to park in the same parking lot at Bostock creek again. This time we were off to ski the other side of the valley called Fortitude ridge. Brain Bain came up the night before and also got to experience Toby's night breathing and Martin Lafontaine came up first thing in the morning. By first thing I mean 9am, Im on holidays remember. So there was a group of 7 of us and we farmed some serious pow! I think the top out for the day was 2200m and the run down again was to 900. so sweet! after skiing for 7hrs Marty and jumped in the car and drove back to the Fraser Valley. All in a days work. Another day, another dollar..........spent.
Marty driving the bus.
On the ridge getting some fortitude.
more giggling like school girls. getting ready to shred one unreal run to the valley bottom.
the skin track up was so steep and made about ten million switchbacks, it would have made Brad Rogers poo his pants.
Corn Dawg Master.
Vinny, farming hard!
crossing under the rail way. how low can you go? Toby the limbo champion.

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