Saturday, December 05, 2009

North van, I am here.

Spent most the day in north van yesterday skate skiing at cypress till it got dark then picked up marty from "work" and we hit starbucks then went night touring up at seymour, it was pitch black and the city lights were unreal! we just hit the groomed runs cause everything up there is ice. it was a solid day. Right!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

backcountry at baker. IN!

went skiing up by mt baker today with Chris from Chilliwack. I met Chris this summer mt biking up on vedder then he became my friend on facebook and today we hit the backcountry. Chris is kind of my hero due to the fact that when he was growing up his family car was a 1988 toyota tercel 4wd wagon. How cool is that! anyhow we skied over at artist point then did a crazy boot pack up table mt then booked it back to the truck. The snow conditions were not that good with a little dust on some very hard crust. It was just good to be out on a really clear day and enjoy the views, baker is so unreal and there will be pow to come Im sure. I got a little bit of a sun burn on the face but I should be ok. Right!

boot pack with the Epic mt baker in the back ground

Chris on the table.

I took this shot when I got home this is the view out my garage. baker is just ideal!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"wow, your skis are really fast" 187 uh!

I have been up to cypress a couple times this year to skate ski. yesterday was great! nice and cold very fast and after skiing on soft slush the 2 times before it was really nice to pole hard! My arms are not so fresh today. Im rocking the rossi Ximum word cup skate ski. yeah its sweet and according to everyone else I ski with its really fast, yeah must be my skis.

Marty (fischer) "why do you ski with those things, its like putting carbon zipp wheels on your road bike to ride with your mom."

some random dude yesterday(fischer) "yeah your skis are running faster then mine"

Corn dawg (salomon) "wow what did you wax your skis with? they really move!"

I would really like to ski with some guys that know what there doing, so if your a honch ski racer then give me a call, I would love to eat some humble pie. mmm pie.

Yeah its all the skis.

and here are some photos from this summer
PS not working 65hrs a week is just ideal!

marty and I went for a sweet ride in abby. Marty riding a trek EX bike and loving it.
Then we went and hiked around the mt baker area for 7hrs looking for snow but all we ended up doing was hiking for 7hrs with our skis on our backs.

Max at the top of elk.

I cut, its ok I just wiped it on my pant.

Jon and Nate climbing up robie reid.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Work? out!

So I have just been working like a dog the last two months cause we got little chickens in these barns that two months ago looking nothing like they do now. I was so busy all I had time for was working and the odd ski. so this is what it looks like.

ski touring at eh coke with Nate and Corey. pow, In!

taking a break from work for a bit.

picking up some hot chicks. its 30c in the barn hence the HOT. aw its so cute! check out the beard too. no shave november is good.

little guys.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Its ideal right.

The last month has been really wicked awesome! lots of hike and bikes and some boating. I guess 3 weeks ago My cousin Craig, Nate, Claire, and Max hit up Mt Macfarlane in Chilliwack. I think that might be my favorite hike ever! then the weekend after that I did a whister/skookumchuck trip. In whistler I rode with some legends of the sport and in Skook I surfed with some of the better white water paddlers in Canada. (and yes I showed everyone I played with how it was done) Skook is unreal and I want to go back so bad! Then Kanga (toby) came to town and we did the lions with no view and then went mt biking in Abby then hit up golden ears with Claire and Max. So tobys mom is coming to visit him next week and has no idea what to do with her. So Kanga asks me, "what would you do with my mom for a week?" I dont know Kanga. I also went to my high school ten year, oh the good times!
Golden ears on the way down.
You get em max!

on the way up.

sunrise at camp with the dog

feasting on the way up.

Toby riding mt bikes

up the lions

the back of my car.

sun set on Mt Macfarlane

Craig and the dawg on the way up, dawg looks worked and we are like 5 min in.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bo ya?

The past couple weeks have been unreal wicked awesome. went to tofino with the chilliwack kayak club and surfed and ate crab and made smores. the next week was the bear mt race over in mission. I dont think I would have done this race but I had a free reg cause I won it last year and I also had the #1 plate so I should try and defend it. I rode my new 28lb trek ex8 bike with bike tires and plush suspension. The guys Im racing against are on 21lb bikes, they are spandex wearing pasta eating put my feet up all night, do intervals on the computrainer, and drink spinach smoothies till the sun goes down kinda racers. Where on the other hand I wore baggy shorts and t shirt rocked the hairy legs ate a&w uncle burger combos and kayaked the chilliwack river canyon till the sun goes down. I got second in the race to tom skinner who was climbing like a monkey. I led for 80% of the race but tom passed me on the last climb. I was killing the DH on my EX but in a XC race "killing" the downs can only get you so much time and you need to kill the ups and I was climbing like an hippo. then sunday I hiked mt cheam with Claire and Max and ended up driving the Tercel all the way to the cheam parking lot! 4X4 machine! hike was hot and after we found some sweet watering holes on the chilliwack river. I heart chilliwack.

Max loving it on the top. He would chase chipmunks right off the cliff if I didn't have the leash on him. crazy dog.

Go fly a kite jon.

The lady's going boogie boarding.

I wish I could live in Victoria so that I could ride the ferry all the time! right?

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yeahhhhhh, whistler, epicccc, yeahhhhhhhhh!

The last weekend was just unreal! so friday I loaded up the car with Marty and we drove out to whistler for some epic riding and some paddling. I love it up in whistler and will make my way back up there at some point this summer. Then on sunday I had to work in the morning but in the afternoon I hit up the 7hrs williams ridge hike with Claire. Its now thursday and my legs are still not back to normal.
Hiking in the alpine meadows of Chilliwack.
Max was unreal over the bolder field he should be a pro rock climber, I almost thought he was going to kill himself when he almost chased this bird off a cliff

epic chilliwack thats sleese off to the right of the photo and rexford is right behind me.

the view east, still some snow around

chilliwack lake

Claire loving it.

Whistler riding with Brain and marty and it was hot so we just dipped the head. On saturday the tree of we rode Thrill me kill me, Comfortably numb, and then we cut of on North secret trail and saved a 7year olds life(saved his moms life too) while riding lost lake trails. No big deal, all in a days "work".

Im only 35% white, I wonder what the rest of me is?

Friday going to paddle(swim) the green river is whistler. I tore it up and saved martys boat while he swam. Saturday I meet Bret in Squamish and we did the Mamquam and it was a lot of fun. Bret is making some serious gains the the paddle.

Saturday was the real epic with Julian Hine and the Cromag boys. we rode the Khyber pass and it was one for the books

oh oh who am I "marty is that you riding with no helmet?, why? please never do that again!!!!!!!"

thats me on the new EX8, by the way that bike is so unreal! I love riding with the baggy shorts group, it feels like Im racing a 2001 roddi lega.

Nice Dex marty, you really fit in.

J High with the feed bag. You cant burn what you dont have.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You my friend have crossed the line that divides man from bum

Oh mama the last while has been just unreal, I have been chicken farming in the mornings mt biking all afternoon then white water kayaking all night. Sunday I went for a paddle with Brad and Chris on the chilliwack and the story was crazy. So Chris can roll and brad can not roll, they both flipped at the same place and both ended up swimming. chris saved his boat and paddle and brad just had a full on yard sale. I paddled down 1.5km down the river and saved the boat but the paddle is long gone. when I was saving the boat I saw a little tiny bear cub on the banks. Long story short brad hiked/swam down to meet us and got a free pair of shoes for some guy in the woods and ran into mama bear. then we hit vedder and I hucked it huge on my brand new trek ex 8 maybe the best bike ever made, look for a bike report on here in the coming weeks. yesterday saw Marty and I hit up a epic epic abbotsford ride, for those in the know we rode lazy boy, tools of the trade, mixed bag, knob gobbler, holiday sauce, extra sauce and to finish off we did the soft taco. then at night we hit up the chilliwack for a dope paddle. Marty's numbers are 1 swim 2rolls, not bad for a punter.
Top of sumas mt with the new bike
surfs up dude, you can just see my head as I'm carving it up!

Nice paddle brad, the put in at pointa vista

If I was a bear I would run away.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

no heated seats? Im out!

The last month has been great, spring is the best time of year and I have been getting out like crazy! I think I have been paddling almost every day and mt biking a lot. The surf wave at pointa vista has been unreal and I really learned to surf my kayak, surfs up dude! I was up on vedder yesterday and ran into this cougar, I was solo but I just flexed my biceps and he ran off with his tail between his legs. Here are some photos from the last while.
Last weekend Jon, Shantelle, Claire and I hiked up to green drop lake up the chilliwack river valley, It was kind of rained in but the lakes looked so awesome! This hike has a ton of Boulder sections and with the rain made it kind of a challenge, I managed to slip on some rocks and tear myself a new one.
Row row row your boat? Claires family has a cabin up by 70mile house and we went up there for some fishing and smore making. Fishing not so good, smore making, very good. Max just loved the water and was in it all the time, we also took him for a 40km mt bike ride and he ended up chasing a deer.

Big moose little moose, right by green lake, kind of cool.

I took connor out on this unreal trail on sumas mt called Knob gobbler-holiday sauce-extra sauce. Connor crashed near the top and tore his (my old) jersey, plus he got a dope cut, Connor is kind of new to mt biking all Connor sucks at everything jokes aside he rode it quite well, I was kind of impressed. I think he was riding so well so that he could get home to see my sister sooner.

Jon and I did this tv thing for telus, kind of cool!