Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"wow, your skis are really fast" 187 uh!

I have been up to cypress a couple times this year to skate ski. yesterday was great! nice and cold very fast and after skiing on soft slush the 2 times before it was really nice to pole hard! My arms are not so fresh today. Im rocking the rossi Ximum word cup skate ski. yeah its sweet and according to everyone else I ski with its really fast, yeah must be my skis.

Marty (fischer) "why do you ski with those things, its like putting carbon zipp wheels on your road bike to ride with your mom."

some random dude yesterday(fischer) "yeah your skis are running faster then mine"

Corn dawg (salomon) "wow what did you wax your skis with? they really move!"

I would really like to ski with some guys that know what there doing, so if your a honch ski racer then give me a call, I would love to eat some humble pie. mmm pie.

Yeah its all the skis.

and here are some photos from this summer
PS not working 65hrs a week is just ideal!

marty and I went for a sweet ride in abby. Marty riding a trek EX bike and loving it.
Then we went and hiked around the mt baker area for 7hrs looking for snow but all we ended up doing was hiking for 7hrs with our skis on our backs.

Max at the top of elk.

I cut, its ok I just wiped it on my pant.

Jon and Nate climbing up robie reid.


Michael Holroyd said...

Come out here and we'll show you what Fisher's can do. I have all of Paul's top secret waxes to select from. You've probably never seen real snow with all that mush on the coast:) You don't know skiing till you've felt -30 burning in your lungs as you draft of us.

BrettJohnson said...

Come to the Callaghan, I know a few boys who can put you to shame.