Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You my friend have crossed the line that divides man from bum

Oh mama the last while has been just unreal, I have been chicken farming in the mornings mt biking all afternoon then white water kayaking all night. Sunday I went for a paddle with Brad and Chris on the chilliwack and the story was crazy. So Chris can roll and brad can not roll, they both flipped at the same place and both ended up swimming. chris saved his boat and paddle and brad just had a full on yard sale. I paddled down 1.5km down the river and saved the boat but the paddle is long gone. when I was saving the boat I saw a little tiny bear cub on the banks. Long story short brad hiked/swam down to meet us and got a free pair of shoes for some guy in the woods and ran into mama bear. then we hit vedder and I hucked it huge on my brand new trek ex 8 maybe the best bike ever made, look for a bike report on here in the coming weeks. yesterday saw Marty and I hit up a epic epic abbotsford ride, for those in the know we rode lazy boy, tools of the trade, mixed bag, knob gobbler, holiday sauce, extra sauce and to finish off we did the soft taco. then at night we hit up the chilliwack for a dope paddle. Marty's numbers are 1 swim 2rolls, not bad for a punter.
Top of sumas mt with the new bike
surfs up dude, you can just see my head as I'm carving it up!

Nice paddle brad, the put in at pointa vista

If I was a bear I would run away.

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