Thursday, June 25, 2009

no heated seats? Im out!

The last month has been great, spring is the best time of year and I have been getting out like crazy! I think I have been paddling almost every day and mt biking a lot. The surf wave at pointa vista has been unreal and I really learned to surf my kayak, surfs up dude! I was up on vedder yesterday and ran into this cougar, I was solo but I just flexed my biceps and he ran off with his tail between his legs. Here are some photos from the last while.
Last weekend Jon, Shantelle, Claire and I hiked up to green drop lake up the chilliwack river valley, It was kind of rained in but the lakes looked so awesome! This hike has a ton of Boulder sections and with the rain made it kind of a challenge, I managed to slip on some rocks and tear myself a new one.
Row row row your boat? Claires family has a cabin up by 70mile house and we went up there for some fishing and smore making. Fishing not so good, smore making, very good. Max just loved the water and was in it all the time, we also took him for a 40km mt bike ride and he ended up chasing a deer.

Big moose little moose, right by green lake, kind of cool.

I took connor out on this unreal trail on sumas mt called Knob gobbler-holiday sauce-extra sauce. Connor crashed near the top and tore his (my old) jersey, plus he got a dope cut, Connor is kind of new to mt biking all Connor sucks at everything jokes aside he rode it quite well, I was kind of impressed. I think he was riding so well so that he could get home to see my sister sooner.

Jon and I did this tv thing for telus, kind of cool!

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Toby Roessingh said...

If you're surfing, we're going to Skook or Tofino.