Monday, August 17, 2009

Its ideal right.

The last month has been really wicked awesome! lots of hike and bikes and some boating. I guess 3 weeks ago My cousin Craig, Nate, Claire, and Max hit up Mt Macfarlane in Chilliwack. I think that might be my favorite hike ever! then the weekend after that I did a whister/skookumchuck trip. In whistler I rode with some legends of the sport and in Skook I surfed with some of the better white water paddlers in Canada. (and yes I showed everyone I played with how it was done) Skook is unreal and I want to go back so bad! Then Kanga (toby) came to town and we did the lions with no view and then went mt biking in Abby then hit up golden ears with Claire and Max. So tobys mom is coming to visit him next week and has no idea what to do with her. So Kanga asks me, "what would you do with my mom for a week?" I dont know Kanga. I also went to my high school ten year, oh the good times!
Golden ears on the way down.
You get em max!

on the way up.

sunrise at camp with the dog

feasting on the way up.

Toby riding mt bikes

up the lions

the back of my car.

sun set on Mt Macfarlane

Craig and the dawg on the way up, dawg looks worked and we are like 5 min in.

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