Thursday, December 03, 2009

backcountry at baker. IN!

went skiing up by mt baker today with Chris from Chilliwack. I met Chris this summer mt biking up on vedder then he became my friend on facebook and today we hit the backcountry. Chris is kind of my hero due to the fact that when he was growing up his family car was a 1988 toyota tercel 4wd wagon. How cool is that! anyhow we skied over at artist point then did a crazy boot pack up table mt then booked it back to the truck. The snow conditions were not that good with a little dust on some very hard crust. It was just good to be out on a really clear day and enjoy the views, baker is so unreal and there will be pow to come Im sure. I got a little bit of a sun burn on the face but I should be ok. Right!

boot pack with the Epic mt baker in the back ground

Chris on the table.

I took this shot when I got home this is the view out my garage. baker is just ideal!

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