Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St Helens!

On the weekend we did Mt st Helen's. Helen's is North America's most active volcano. Marty, Tara, Brett and I all drove down in Marty's car and debated about anything we could on the way down. We stopped in Seattle for some coffee and maybe the best sandwich ever. The drive was like 6hrs. On Saturday we hiked for 1hr up to a little camp and I forgot a bunch of stuff and froze to death so I had to go into my sleeping bag a little early. This hike is unlike anything I have ever done, its like you are on the moon! Then at the top there is this massive hole where a 800m mountain use to be. It was very cool.
the car ride.
chilling out for marty.
sun rise at the camp.
walking on the moon. I had the police song in my head all day! it is a good one.
“I hope my legs don't break walking on the moon” Nate this one is for you!
the massive hole at the top.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Photos from last weekend.

I got to do some baby sitting on Friday. Looks good eh? Fletcher is my part time kid. I want to take him skiing in the pulk but I dont know if I will be allowed. You have to be "this tall" to play with ricky or you could get hurt. just see the victims of Ricky Federau group on Facebook.
The worst feeling in the world. If you don't think so you should try running a first marathon. I am a victim of myself.
I just about fell coming out of the bathroom, and its not from the smell, its cause I cant feel my legs. thanks to marty for catching this moment on his i phone.
MMMMMM water.
this was some dude at the ferry that had a sweet bike rack. maybe the best ever rack.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It hurts!

Yesterday I ran the Marathon in Victoria. I was just killing it for the first 30km. I was running with guys who were on pace for a sub 3. then my legs stopped working and I had to walk the last 12km. I have never hurt so much in my life. with like 7km to go marty caught up to me and rode his bike besides me the rest of the way making fun of me. "hey do you need anything? coke, cookies, water, soother, bib, panties?" I will never hear the end of it. But what a great weekend! Tara's parents were visiting from Ontario and drove us over there then we stayed at the skinners and watched the canucks kill the flames. then after the marathon I made it home just in time for the turkey feed bag. mmmmm mama see ta! I cant really walk today and I am hurting! I got face book the other day and its such a waist of time. you can just waist a whole day creeping on people and really get nothing done. I hate it! yet I love it. who wants to be my friend? ha. marty took a bunch of photos (with his i phone) of me suffering in the last 7km and I will post them when I get them. I am going to go sit in a ice bath and hot tub today.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


So yesterday was my birthday and so we hit up yoga and then went to BP for some food and drink then went back to my place where Sarah made a cake for me. Thank you Sarah! And the cake was the best ever! This morning I did a Paddle at Tamihi with Jon Allen, I kind of got worked Tamihi is going up with the last couple days of rain and it was moving much faster then the last couple weeks. Matt from Ontario, it takes me (when I am bike fit) 32 min from the bottom to the ski hill, but from the bottom to the top of artist point it take me like 49min I think. I am liking the Baker dog name too. I got to get settled on the farm before I get the dog. You guys should see Howard! He is looking good. I am ready for the dog. Here are some photos.
I am just about to pass Jon in this shot.
the dawg.
thanks Nate, I love you man!
Make a wish.
I have never cut cake before, I have cut cheese many times so this was no problem. ha.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Old man.

So the baker weekend was kind of a flop. However it was still unreal! Saturday a bunch of people came over for a waffle breakfast then went away and me and nate went and drank more coffee at starbucks then went dog shopping. I am going to get boarder collie pup, I think. A dog is a big thing, its kind of a big responsibility, but now that I am on the farm I have the room for a little dog. I got some names in mind. Coiler, Trevor Linden, Seven, or George Costanza. What do y'all think? Oh yeah saturday I went mt biking on vedder with Brett but he got a flat tire 10min in and had to go home cause he had a huge hole in his tire. I had a wicked ride!

Then sunday I paddled the nooksack and I was good, but I missed like 5 gates and touched a bunch too. Then I hopped on the road bike and rode up to the top of mt baker. It was puking snow at the top and I froze to death on the way down but it was so so epic.

I am selling my place in Chilliwack and I have been moving some of the clutter out, its crazy how much stuff you collect over 2.5 years of living in a place. I am really looking forward to moving to the farm, my house there is massive 2400sq feet and a full basement where I am going to build a rock climbing gym and set up the basement camping soon, its getting cold out and its almost time.

I got the marathon this weekend. I am a little nervous, my knee has not been good but I have been swimming a paddling a ton so maybe I will be good. I am basically Michal Phelps in the pool! Bring it!

The road to baker.
near the top.
you can see the snow line. burrrr very cold
This is George, she has replaced bone on the farm. Yeah thats right my sisters named a female cat George by mistake and they just went with it. Its kind of funny.