Thursday, October 09, 2008


So yesterday was my birthday and so we hit up yoga and then went to BP for some food and drink then went back to my place where Sarah made a cake for me. Thank you Sarah! And the cake was the best ever! This morning I did a Paddle at Tamihi with Jon Allen, I kind of got worked Tamihi is going up with the last couple days of rain and it was moving much faster then the last couple weeks. Matt from Ontario, it takes me (when I am bike fit) 32 min from the bottom to the ski hill, but from the bottom to the top of artist point it take me like 49min I think. I am liking the Baker dog name too. I got to get settled on the farm before I get the dog. You guys should see Howard! He is looking good. I am ready for the dog. Here are some photos.
I am just about to pass Jon in this shot.
the dawg.
thanks Nate, I love you man!
Make a wish.
I have never cut cake before, I have cut cheese many times so this was no problem. ha.

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Connor said...

Get a haircut you hick! Do you have your own place on the farm-- like where the farm hand used to live?