Wednesday, October 22, 2008

St Helens!

On the weekend we did Mt st Helen's. Helen's is North America's most active volcano. Marty, Tara, Brett and I all drove down in Marty's car and debated about anything we could on the way down. We stopped in Seattle for some coffee and maybe the best sandwich ever. The drive was like 6hrs. On Saturday we hiked for 1hr up to a little camp and I forgot a bunch of stuff and froze to death so I had to go into my sleeping bag a little early. This hike is unlike anything I have ever done, its like you are on the moon! Then at the top there is this massive hole where a 800m mountain use to be. It was very cool.
the car ride.
chilling out for marty.
sun rise at the camp.
walking on the moon. I had the police song in my head all day! it is a good one.
“I hope my legs don't break walking on the moon” Nate this one is for you!
the massive hole at the top.

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Claire said...

Wow that is so cool! I definately gotta check this out. Nice sunglasses :)