Monday, March 21, 2011

double dipping

Thats right! Ski and Ride in the same day? bring it! yesterday Brad"check out those huge wheels on my truck"Rogers and I woke up stupid early and got out to manning park for some sunrise skate ski. It was great! cold, fast, and fresh groom. We skied for a little over 2 hrs and drove home and hit the blue moose on the way home. Blue moose is an unreal little coffee shop in Hope, you should check it out. I might move to hope, they have good mt biking right? So after a nap I met up with a crew on sumas and rode some of the lower trails cause the snow line is still a little low. did Noah fear then rode Holiday sauce and Emma peal. great ride! then Hit the Jolly Miller, best day ever? maybe eh.
At the Noah Fear entrance. Really fun group. Really fun ride.
Brad at the manning parking lot.

Early morning snow.

Saturday morning early Nathan Etsell and I went up to Needle peak at the coq. We were skiing by 830 and skied til about 1230, right before it got really warm and the 20cm fresh turned to mush. Great day, Great turns and I was even home to do domestic duty's in time.
Boooooo yeah!
This is on the ridge to needle peak. thats one big cornice. I should start bringing some cable in my pack so we can start cutting these. Its like rolling big rocks off cliffs when your a kid, and by kid I mean 28.
up up and away.

Dirty Duo

So with Marty out of town last week Tara and I decided we should do the dirty duo. The dirty duo is a race in North Vancouver that is a relay. One person does a 25km trail run and the other does a 30k mt bike. The race was a ton of fun. I think it rained the whole day. Tara did a great run and we got 3rd in the mixed division. I think the trails in north van are just great to ride when its pissing rain out cause the trails drain so well. Anyhow I got a ton of dirt in my eye and it was awesome.
I'm squinting so hard cause of the mud in my eyes. I guess one should put a front mud fender on or something.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Snorting some coq powder.

Well talk about a case of the Monday's. Etsell and I hit the coq on Monday morning and it was off the wall good. Well everything north facing was off the wall. Everything south facing was just baked with a nasty sun crust. We shredded the Zoa area for about 5hrs then we hit the blue moose and it was almost the perfect day.
The put in.
Mama Cita!!!!!
skin to win.
Etsell shred!
Its like art! I should be an artist.
the take out.

Toonie Racing

This past sunday was the first in a series of toonie races put on by the Fraser valley mountain bike association. Im going to race them but for this first one I didn't have my cycling license ready just yet so I was forced to volunteer and it was great. I would have rather raced but there will be a next time, April 3rd on sumas will be that next time. This series is just awesome, everyone should come out.

I would say ride of the day has to go to none other then Karen Rogers. Shes old and and placed 3rd overall in the womens! She was beating riders more then half her age! I stood at the steepest most gnarly spot on the course and Karen made it look like a walking path! No serious she might have been the smoothest rider through.

I better dust off the bike soon.

one for two?

Saturday Nathan Etsell and myself went out to the mt baker back country. The reports showed that baker got 65 inch's of snow during the week. We skied our brains out in awesome pow town style. skied mt Herman for the most part and it was just blower! At 430, last run of the day I was skiing and went close to a tree and must have caught a branch just under the snow cause next thing I know Im having a yard sale crash. My one ski come off and I couldn't find it. Nathan and I dug till 6 and it was dark. Still no ski. unreal! I had to ski out on one ski fun times. what a great day.
fresh lines.
Etsell loving the pow.
We dug a huge hole looking for the ski. Im in really good shoveling shape. I did grow up on a chicken farm and have shoveled many of a chicken poo. How do you loose a ski? Im going to bring the single ski back to mec and tell them I want my money back cause the skis wont stay together.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Cypress blower day.

I hit cypress for a quick tour and skate last night. so good, just puking snow! I kept the tour mellow and stayed very close to the winter trail but found some nice turns just off it. then the skate was good, I did about an hour and had fresh wax and fresh groom, after the hour the groom was not so fresh cause it was just puking pow. Today Im off to baker, looks like a blue bird too. oh mama cita.
found this little guy at the top, so I fed him, so cute! I could have squashed him with my ski if I wanted but Im an animal lover. the last time I fed a squirrel was 1999 with neil grover at rocky mountain house Alberta, and we fed them little pieces of pb and j sandwich's then we..................
send it.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

How to get more caffeine in your diet.

Ok so below is the standard ricky bar recipe. make them and love them, however! Toby thought of putting coffee beans in the mix. so you can try doing some coffee beans in place of chocolate chips or nuts or whatever. enjoy the Ricky bar.
PS, mom can you make me some ricky bars with coffee beans in them? thanks.
Ricky Bars.
5cup-assorted crushed cereal, I like to mix in like 2cups quick oats then 3cups crushed cereal.
2/3 cup finely chopped dry fruit(dry pineapple is unreal)
2/3 cup chocolate chips
2/3 cup sunflower seeds or other small nuts
mix all this together in a massive bowl and set aside.

2/3cup honey
2/3cup brown sugar
1/2cup natural peanut butter
bring this to a boil on a stove top.
Stir the wet in to the dry and mix it up then put it all into a greased up pan and pack it to the size of bars you want. Let it cool down and cut it up. Then chow down.