Monday, March 21, 2011

double dipping

Thats right! Ski and Ride in the same day? bring it! yesterday Brad"check out those huge wheels on my truck"Rogers and I woke up stupid early and got out to manning park for some sunrise skate ski. It was great! cold, fast, and fresh groom. We skied for a little over 2 hrs and drove home and hit the blue moose on the way home. Blue moose is an unreal little coffee shop in Hope, you should check it out. I might move to hope, they have good mt biking right? So after a nap I met up with a crew on sumas and rode some of the lower trails cause the snow line is still a little low. did Noah fear then rode Holiday sauce and Emma peal. great ride! then Hit the Jolly Miller, best day ever? maybe eh.
At the Noah Fear entrance. Really fun group. Really fun ride.
Brad at the manning parking lot.

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