Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Toonie Racing

This past sunday was the first in a series of toonie races put on by the Fraser valley mountain bike association. Im going to race them but for this first one I didn't have my cycling license ready just yet so I was forced to volunteer and it was great. I would have rather raced but there will be a next time, April 3rd on sumas will be that next time. This series is just awesome, everyone should come out. www.fvmba.com

I would say ride of the day has to go to none other then Karen Rogers. Shes old and and placed 3rd overall in the womens! She was beating riders more then half her age! I stood at the steepest most gnarly spot on the course and Karen made it look like a walking path! No serious she might have been the smoothest rider through.

I better dust off the bike soon.

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