Tuesday, March 08, 2011

one for two?

Saturday Nathan Etsell and myself went out to the mt baker back country. The reports showed that baker got 65 inch's of snow during the week. We skied our brains out in awesome pow town style. skied mt Herman for the most part and it was just blower! At 430, last run of the day I was skiing and went close to a tree and must have caught a branch just under the snow cause next thing I know Im having a yard sale crash. My one ski come off and I couldn't find it. Nathan and I dug till 6 and it was dark. Still no ski. unreal! I had to ski out on one ski fun times. what a great day.
fresh lines.
Etsell loving the pow.
We dug a huge hole looking for the ski. Im in really good shoveling shape. I did grow up on a chicken farm and have shoveled many of a chicken poo. How do you loose a ski? Im going to bring the single ski back to mec and tell them I want my money back cause the skis wont stay together.

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Toby Roessingh said...

'I'm not satisfied with the other ski.'