Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any given tuesday.

Its kind of any given sunday, but its on a tuesday. Last tuesday we ran these stairs out in abbotsford and I was able to make Jason and carly almost puke. there was some eye ball breathing but no vomit. This week Carly bailed and it was up to Jay and I to uphold the any given tuesday group. So we hit the track out in abby and we each ran the mile. It was really neat down at the track at night, the lights were on and everything we could have called it "tuesday night lights"(friday night lights) but whatever. I've never ran the mile before so it was all new to me. Back when jay was younger and had less of a spare tire he could run the mile in 4'20. Yeah bro 420! so before we did it we made bets on what we would run. I bet I would do just sub 5, like a 4'55. Jay bet he would do a 5'20 -5'40. So jay went first and bam right on the mark 5'30 for jay. then I went and did a 4'55 right on the nose. Crazy eh? then we went and at some chicken crock pot dinner at Jay's and listened to Bruce Cockburn while we discussed if they should legalize marijuana. The crock pot was so good. the meat just falls right off the bone. the bone is so soft you can eat the bone. I felt like a cave man with this animal Im growing on my face and the bone eating experience. What a night. The crock pot might have been a little better with some mustard.

Mile run.
Ricky - 4'55
Jay - 5'30
anyone else out there lets see what you guys can do. 1600m, one mile. PRE PRE PRE PRE! come on!
oh I've had way to much coffee, better get to work. later, enjoy the photos.

track spikes, Jays footwear of the night. these shoes are what records are made off.
Ricky in the pain cave! oh the burn. I was crying it hurt so bad.

jay in the pain cave. doesn't this look so fun?

Jay bringing it home! COME ON!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

chilliwack river canyon

about a month ago I ran the chilliwack river canyon with Kiah and Jordan. it was all good! that was before winter hit and it started raining . Kiah has a camera and brought it with so we got a couple of bad photos for your enjoyment.

I kind of flipped over on the rapid called cocaine. "she dont lie, she dont lie! cocaine!" I got my roll however unlike a fellow named Klade who swam twice the day before. So I guess you could say I rolled some cocaine. Or I got flipped out on cocaine, or I had a flipping good time on cocaine.
The crew of the day, Crazy French guy, Jordan, and myself

MMMM foam water. the canyon is so good! so fun! just unreal! I cant wait til next spring. but its starting to snow on the coke so I better wax up the old sticks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

chilliwack is so lame!

Rode the elk thurston ridge with Nate dawg on sunday afternoon. Blue bird day and the trails are just mint! unreal ride! maybe the best ever.
the dawg and I on top of thurston.
my wife on top of thurston. She looks good eh? so fine!

Dawg on the ridge.

I did a bottle run and cleaned out my parents garage at the same time. My car was full to the brim and I made 62$. I kind of felt like a homeless person driving this car full of cans and I haven't shaved in about a month and I might look like a homeless person as well.


Ricky on the ridge.
Two weekends ago I hiked Mt Macfarlane with Kate. We took 8.5hrs and jumped in the upper lake. So cold. Unreal day. good times.

Upper Perice lake. these guys just jumped in and Im telling them what happens when you jump into stupid cold water.
Ricky and My Krazy Czech friend Kate at the top of Macfarlane.


Summit log. there was an entry from 1989 in that thing. wow. almost as old as me.

ricky on the way up.

Cheam range and the lower lake.

Friday, October 15, 2010

night riding.

This fall has just been unreal! has it ever rained? I dont know! I got this new bike and Im able to ride it a lot in Oct. Wednesday night a group of us got out to vedder for a sweet night ride! best night ride I have been on in my life! it was unreal! I rode with Nate"dawg brew" prachanu. Karen"I have 2 Chinese super lights"Rodgers. and Chris "I think I drank to much beer in Europe" Neville. Thanks for the ride you guys. I guess Im Ricky "I should shave" Federau.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

skook from last summer.

Just found this photo. I guess I did a flip at skook last summer. Nice eh?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Turkey Weekend.

I just got back from a vic marathon trip. I was going to do the Marathon but thought the lack of training in combination with the 130$ entry fee was a bad idea. So I just rocked the 8km race. It was fun, I've been running 1-2x per week so I was well trained up for the 8k suffer fest. It turned out ok as I won the 25-29 age group category and finished 7th overall. Yeah age categories, this is what its all come down to. My time was 27:06. The pain reminded me of a short track effort from 2003. I didn't think I would ever have to hurt like that again, but here we are. I went over with some friends from abby Jason and Marina. Jason ran the half and Marina did the full we also stayed with Jasons aunt and uncle. Jay's Uncle bruce turned out to be Peter vallance's grade 12 math teacher. Small world. After the planes, trains, and automobiles (buses, boats, and cars) game I showed up 3hrs late for thanksgiving dinner. Then I ate till I was fat. Quote of the weekend goes to Jason the morning of the race. "all right, this is what all that missed training is all about"

Today I had an awesome ride on Red mt in Misson. Most years I only ride there once for the race but it looks like this year I will ride there more then that. Its only a 1/2hr drive from abby and its just awesome trials. I also took max with and after we all hit up safeway for some California dreaming and bucks. such a great day!

Jon shredding lome on red.
My new whip. 2011 Trek ex 9. and yes its unreal. there was really nothing wrong with my old one but this thing has a couple little changes and its the the cats PJ's. I get myself into so much trouble with this thing cause its so fast! you can just stuff it into the corners so hard! and just plow through anything with "gnar factor". its really really nice.

Nate and Brad killing each other.

awww, sushi jersey and all. Brad "code white" rogers and Karen "400$ and I wont touch your sister" rogers.

Ryan. 1'16 half marathon the day before. nice bike hes riding eh?(its my ex 8) rental bike I guess.

The Nate Dawg.

Jon "turrets" Heron. Jon just started riding this year and its really nice to see how well hes riding now. Hes just an animal on the bike! it must be all that cross fit?