Monday, October 18, 2010

chilliwack is so lame!

Rode the elk thurston ridge with Nate dawg on sunday afternoon. Blue bird day and the trails are just mint! unreal ride! maybe the best ever.
the dawg and I on top of thurston.
my wife on top of thurston. She looks good eh? so fine!

Dawg on the ridge.

I did a bottle run and cleaned out my parents garage at the same time. My car was full to the brim and I made 62$. I kind of felt like a homeless person driving this car full of cans and I haven't shaved in about a month and I might look like a homeless person as well.


Ricky on the ridge.
Two weekends ago I hiked Mt Macfarlane with Kate. We took 8.5hrs and jumped in the upper lake. So cold. Unreal day. good times.

Upper Perice lake. these guys just jumped in and Im telling them what happens when you jump into stupid cold water.
Ricky and My Krazy Czech friend Kate at the top of Macfarlane.


Summit log. there was an entry from 1989 in that thing. wow. almost as old as me.

ricky on the way up.

Cheam range and the lower lake.

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