Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Any given tuesday.

Its kind of any given sunday, but its on a tuesday. Last tuesday we ran these stairs out in abbotsford and I was able to make Jason and carly almost puke. there was some eye ball breathing but no vomit. This week Carly bailed and it was up to Jay and I to uphold the any given tuesday group. So we hit the track out in abby and we each ran the mile. It was really neat down at the track at night, the lights were on and everything we could have called it "tuesday night lights"(friday night lights) but whatever. I've never ran the mile before so it was all new to me. Back when jay was younger and had less of a spare tire he could run the mile in 4'20. Yeah bro 420! so before we did it we made bets on what we would run. I bet I would do just sub 5, like a 4'55. Jay bet he would do a 5'20 -5'40. So jay went first and bam right on the mark 5'30 for jay. then I went and did a 4'55 right on the nose. Crazy eh? then we went and at some chicken crock pot dinner at Jay's and listened to Bruce Cockburn while we discussed if they should legalize marijuana. The crock pot was so good. the meat just falls right off the bone. the bone is so soft you can eat the bone. I felt like a cave man with this animal Im growing on my face and the bone eating experience. What a night. The crock pot might have been a little better with some mustard.

Mile run.
Ricky - 4'55
Jay - 5'30
anyone else out there lets see what you guys can do. 1600m, one mile. PRE PRE PRE PRE! come on!
oh I've had way to much coffee, better get to work. later, enjoy the photos.

track spikes, Jays footwear of the night. these shoes are what records are made off.
Ricky in the pain cave! oh the burn. I was crying it hurt so bad.

jay in the pain cave. doesn't this look so fun?

Jay bringing it home! COME ON!!!!!!!

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