Tuesday, October 26, 2010

chilliwack river canyon

about a month ago I ran the chilliwack river canyon with Kiah and Jordan. it was all good! that was before winter hit and it started raining . Kiah has a camera and brought it with so we got a couple of bad photos for your enjoyment.

I kind of flipped over on the rapid called cocaine. "she dont lie, she dont lie! cocaine!" I got my roll however unlike a fellow named Klade who swam twice the day before. So I guess you could say I rolled some cocaine. Or I got flipped out on cocaine, or I had a flipping good time on cocaine.
The crew of the day, Crazy French guy, Jordan, and myself

MMMM foam water. the canyon is so good! so fun! just unreal! I cant wait til next spring. but its starting to snow on the coke so I better wax up the old sticks.

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Shandalin said...

ummm...fyi, you can't roll cocaine...you can only smoke, inject, or snort it.