Thursday, September 21, 2006

Kramer dude, you ever killed a man?

This is the newest addition to my place. The blank walls are starting to look better eh?Giddy up!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Look you idiot first of all....

So I think I have been doing to much hiking and running around, my knees are all messed up. so today I did nothing, well I wouldn't say nothing. I did tubular glue my fingers together and then I sat around eating cereal. and you remember all that fish I caught, well. Time to eat.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

wicked good times

Williams Peak hike 2100m, 6hrs
On the way up.
this is what we went to the top of.
the top, note the snow
chilliwack lake in the background
Memorial plaque telling you not to fall off or you will die

Thursday, September 14, 2006

A BBQ hike.

The plan, meet like 10 people at Mac D's. Only Me, Jon and James showed up. Then hike up elk with a BBQ and sausage dogs at 530, be up at the top at like 630-7. eat sausage dogs. watch the sun go down then hike down in the dark with head lamps. We froze to death waiting for the sun to go down, but it was all worth it because this was one crazy adventure and we had wicked sausages, it was a full on sausage party. it was so cold we all huddled around the bbq warming our hands until the propane ran out. And the view was unreal. I hiked the BBQ and food up in my pack and it might have been the hardest hour of my life, the pack must have weighed like at least 25kg. then Jon took the bbq down. what a crazy day.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slesse hike

Hiked up Mt Slesse with Connor, Jon, james, toby, and Marian. took like 6hrs. Had to to some 4x4ing over water bars in a Mazda 626 and a honda Accord. Then we went up. and up and up. Mt Slesse is famous for the TCA flight going from Vancouver to Calgary that crashed there in 1956, all 62 people died, there was 5 CFL football all stars on board. Slesse means Fang. the peak is at 2400m. you need ropes and skills to get to the peak, or you can die. there is a monument at the base of a guy who fell off of the same scramble me and connor went up. James wore jeans and was to hot so he did the hike in his boxer shorts. at the end we were all very wrecked, I dont know how Marian made it down, her legs were done, its like she was walking drunk. Jon always brings the wickedest trail food, for cheam it was pudding snacks and tube yogurt yesterday it was Costco muffins.
that is what we go up to.

dont fall off
the three stooges

feeling the burn at the top

there is a dead airplane up there

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Best weekend ever.

So best weekend ever.Sunday we did Mt Cheam up to 7000ft. the group was Trev, Nate, Jon, Derek, Jeff, and I, this is right at the start. then on saturday I paddled in the river, went home made a killer sandwich then hiked up elk in the afternoon.
the up part.
trev, Derek, and Jeff just chilling at the top.
Nate. dont fall eh.
Derek on top of the world.
taking a wiz on the fraser valley.
about 10 min from the end of the hike we jumped in this little pond. Cannon ball style.
saturday morning getting ready to paddle in the chilliwack river, I went with Derek and he showed me how it was done. and those are not socks on my feet. I think I have been riding my bike to much.
saturday afternoon on top of elk with Rhys, there was no view because of the clouds.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

taking a break.....sort of

ah that's quite the accent you have, New Jersey? No Austria. Well in that case lets throw anther shrimp on the Bar bee. Lets not. yeah lets put some Salmon on!
what are you looking at?
I had to take a break because of the cast/real/real a fish in routine, my cycling arms are not so wicked but check out the salmon we got that are tied onto the anchor.

the boys trash talking, connor is doing a gel could this be the difference?
toby with his hip flexors cramping

taking a break.....sort of

connor at the top

connor near the top
toby starting to hurt
connor smoking it

So when I got home from NZ I was thinking about racing cross and taking my annual break of not touching any bike for like 6 weeks after cross. but cross will not be happening. I am taking my break right now. So I am just going for as much adventure sessions as possible. Mike and Lina moved out last sunday. But I have been hanging around the white water Kayakers and it always a good time. on thursday Connor took me in a Kayak down the chilliwack river, it was unreal, so much fun. I flipped the boat 2x and the river is so cold. I cant wait to do it again. then of friday I took mike up vedder on this old rocky I built up. and Mike was ripping it up. Monday went sushi and cliff jumping with Trev. Tuesday Toby, Connor, and Derek raced up elk on my bikes and gear. Toby had his own stuff but Derek and Conner looked so pro wearing my stuff. Check out the full elk story on Connors site yesterday I went fishing with my Dad and Grandpa. we caught our limits and went home with a ton of fish. today I went water skiing on cultus and my body is so done, I got to get some sleep. I think this weekend is going to have some hiking and who know what else. enjoy the photos. Ricky