Thursday, September 07, 2006

taking a break.....sort of

connor at the top

connor near the top
toby starting to hurt
connor smoking it

So when I got home from NZ I was thinking about racing cross and taking my annual break of not touching any bike for like 6 weeks after cross. but cross will not be happening. I am taking my break right now. So I am just going for as much adventure sessions as possible. Mike and Lina moved out last sunday. But I have been hanging around the white water Kayakers and it always a good time. on thursday Connor took me in a Kayak down the chilliwack river, it was unreal, so much fun. I flipped the boat 2x and the river is so cold. I cant wait to do it again. then of friday I took mike up vedder on this old rocky I built up. and Mike was ripping it up. Monday went sushi and cliff jumping with Trev. Tuesday Toby, Connor, and Derek raced up elk on my bikes and gear. Toby had his own stuff but Derek and Conner looked so pro wearing my stuff. Check out the full elk story on Connors site yesterday I went fishing with my Dad and Grandpa. we caught our limits and went home with a ton of fish. today I went water skiing on cultus and my body is so done, I got to get some sleep. I think this weekend is going to have some hiking and who know what else. enjoy the photos. Ricky

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