Sunday, September 10, 2006

Best weekend ever.

So best weekend ever.Sunday we did Mt Cheam up to 7000ft. the group was Trev, Nate, Jon, Derek, Jeff, and I, this is right at the start. then on saturday I paddled in the river, went home made a killer sandwich then hiked up elk in the afternoon.
the up part.
trev, Derek, and Jeff just chilling at the top.
Nate. dont fall eh.
Derek on top of the world.
taking a wiz on the fraser valley.
about 10 min from the end of the hike we jumped in this little pond. Cannon ball style.
saturday morning getting ready to paddle in the chilliwack river, I went with Derek and he showed me how it was done. and those are not socks on my feet. I think I have been riding my bike to much.
saturday afternoon on top of elk with Rhys, there was no view because of the clouds.

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