Thursday, September 14, 2006

A BBQ hike.

The plan, meet like 10 people at Mac D's. Only Me, Jon and James showed up. Then hike up elk with a BBQ and sausage dogs at 530, be up at the top at like 630-7. eat sausage dogs. watch the sun go down then hike down in the dark with head lamps. We froze to death waiting for the sun to go down, but it was all worth it because this was one crazy adventure and we had wicked sausages, it was a full on sausage party. it was so cold we all huddled around the bbq warming our hands until the propane ran out. And the view was unreal. I hiked the BBQ and food up in my pack and it might have been the hardest hour of my life, the pack must have weighed like at least 25kg. then Jon took the bbq down. what a crazy day.


Jon said...

Those are some wicked pictures... Glad to see that they turned out. And a note to all the pessimists that didn't show up: Have a little faith next time, because it was awesome.

Tom said...

HAHAH!! Sausage party! That is classic! How come there is no blog or pictures from the game of 'car-hide-and-seek'?