Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slesse hike

Hiked up Mt Slesse with Connor, Jon, james, toby, and Marian. took like 6hrs. Had to to some 4x4ing over water bars in a Mazda 626 and a honda Accord. Then we went up. and up and up. Mt Slesse is famous for the TCA flight going from Vancouver to Calgary that crashed there in 1956, all 62 people died, there was 5 CFL football all stars on board. Slesse means Fang. the peak is at 2400m. you need ropes and skills to get to the peak, or you can die. there is a monument at the base of a guy who fell off of the same scramble me and connor went up. James wore jeans and was to hot so he did the hike in his boxer shorts. at the end we were all very wrecked, I dont know how Marian made it down, her legs were done, its like she was walking drunk. Jon always brings the wickedest trail food, for cheam it was pudding snacks and tube yogurt yesterday it was Costco muffins.
that is what we go up to.

dont fall off
the three stooges

feeling the burn at the top

there is a dead airplane up there

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