Monday, January 28, 2013

The pow is back!

On Sunday Mel, Nate, Etsell and I dusted off the skis and loaded up the car to find the goods at the Coquihalla. We chose Needle peak and the the back bowl. We wanted something a little higher in elevation and something treeline but not to thick. Our thoughts were that in the trees it would be dust on crust and anything in the alpine would be wind slab town. I think we played it very well cause we got some awesome turns and had a great adventure.
Mel chases down a ACC group of 8.
We hit the skin track and once we reached the ridge we ran into the acc, a group of 8 out to steal our pow. However our group on the day was very quick and we were able to break trail for them on the downs. Good work team.
The ridge just  before the back bowl always get so much cross wind. 




"back country" skiing?

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