Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Home Sweet Home

On our way home from Rossland we made a couple stops. First stop was Silver Star to get that family friendly feel and take in some awesome skate skiing with the in-laws. Then we stopped at the Coquihalla to take advantage of 25cm fresh snow. There had been about 50cm over the last couple days and when we dug a pit that top 50 was sliding off just by me isolating the block. We kept it safe and skied low angle trees. When we got home we read this report. humm.... Mel and I did a different skin track then the one this happened on. We saw a group of 3 others, this was that group. Crazy!
Coq Parking lot, Please dont limit your stay to 1hour. "ricky, you should see if that guy will take your car?" Melanie Vaughan. 

Fueling the fire. 

laps in deep snow in the trees is my fav! check out the pillows! 

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