Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crushing Life

Im having a great week. Mid week last week the Coq got about 100cm snow in 36hours and the Avi danger was high. On the weekend it was full blue bird and just gorgeous!

Saturday Melanie and I went over to Nak and due to a lazy Coffee drinking non alpine start we didn't have to break trail. The skin track was very deep and had a ton of switchbacks. My kick turn is now crazy good.
deep skin track.
I won last weeks G3 "show us some skin" contest. Winner winner chicken dinner. Just dont google show us some skin.
new ski straps. 

patagucci model.
Sunday we headed up Neddle. Another beauty day. This time we had to deal with a couple of split boarders. Nate and Brett had an unreal day of powder slaying. I've never seen Needle so skied out. It looked very in bounds by the end of the day.
skining into the light.

On the way home we hit Home Restaurant in Hope. I normally get the works burger but on this fine day I went with a clubhouse sandwich. Oh Mama Cita! Nothing like a good old feed bag post skiing.
getting ready to feast.
I guess you cant ski everyday so Mike Levy and I played some squash. Its been like two years since I've last played but it was Mikes first time ever. I was a little rusty at first then I got it back. Im ready for a battle with Brad Rogers now, bring it.
mike playing with his balls

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