Monday, January 21, 2013

Mt Laughington Solo Mission.

They say if you want something good you have to work for it. In today's world of back country skiing, "back country" areas often look like the mall on back friday. I would say on a good day you would not see a single soul besides the animals, and thats just what I got last week on Mt Laughington in the Chilliwack river valley. Mind you 1300m of skiing on gravel roads is some hard work and will turn you into a hard man.

Mt Laughington is on page 166 in the John Baldwin book. To all my city friends, you should check the chilliwack river valley out, lots to offer. The summit of Laughington is 1800m. From Vedder crossing it took me 32km and just under 30 min to drive to the parking area located at 440m. Im really glad I drive a beater car cause the last 2km on the bench road were a little nuts with huge ruts and branches slicing the paint on my auto.  
just me and the animals. 
From 440m to 1400m its all logging roads. The first half was really easy skining and after that I had to really work for it with some hard trail breaking. At the end of the gravel road there was 10-15cm of frost hoar. It felt like I was skiing in broken glass.

on the top of Laughington. Slesse is at the tip of my ski and Baker is on the far right of the photo. 
After 1400m and the end of the logging road you go up these really nice alpine meadows to gain a ridge and then the summit is 1800m. It took me 2hr 10min from the car to reach the summit.

skining up the meadows with Welch, Folly and the Still behind me. 
Once I got up there the skiing was really fun and I did a couple runs in the awesome hoar frost.

lucky for me these are the only Bears I ran into. 
I kinda bonked and had to pull out the Gummi Bears. Zellers was having a blow out sale on everything and I cleaned up on anything I couldn't have as a kid. I have so much candy in my possession right now.

The hoar frost was just awesome.

hello kitty? 
Anyone know what this is? It walked on my tracks after I went up the road and before I came down. Crazy. looks small. maybe a bob cat? I think I could take it?

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