Tuesday, November 27, 2012

how much do you weigh?

There was once a time when I weighed 130lbs. I was a pro bike racer and "power to weight" ratio was very important. I was a gaunt looking man who was ONLY good at riding a bike. Now I don't care so much about weight but more so I care about performance, cause IT'S all about performance! I now weight 152lbs, I know right, fatty mac fatterson, I picked up some arms from white water kayaking and some keg muscle from eating Oreo cookies, but 20lbs?

I just picked up an ABS back pack. I've used the pack now about  5 times. I really like the bag a lot. The ABS system is one of the best in the world. Twin bags, Nitrogen canister, wireless activation pneumatic pull (there is gun powder in the handle, pimp!). You can zip on different size bags to the base unit as well. The pack is really well built and the fit is very nice. However all these life saving devices do come at a cost, the weight difference from my bag last year is about 6lbs. Is carrying 6lbs extra around in your bag going to kill you? But maybe 6lbs can be the difference between enjoying the pow and make you feeling a sore back. In that case you need to man up and grow a pair. Here are the essentials I carry in my bag to mitigate the weight on my back.
This is what I bring with me on an average day of ski touring in the south coast. If you live in the Rockies and ski in -200c everyday you might want to bring more clothing.
so I got in my bag.
-when the shit hits the fan gloves, I never wear them I just bring them in case the shit hits the fan.
-down sweater
-GoreTex shell jacket
-sun glasses
-spot GPS
-head lamp
-two way radio
-multi tool
-car key
-sun block
The zip on I got was a 25l. My helmet fits in the bag which I really like. The bag with all the gear weighs a grand total of 21lbs.   
good looking bag I think. 
This is the bag I used all last year. Its a black diamond 18l. I also loaded it up with all the gear. The helmet goes on the out side of the pack in a handy helmet holder. total weight of the the BD loaded was 15lbs. 

So this all got me thinking, what on earth do I weigh with all my gear on? skis, boots, poles, bag and the trucker hat. Well there you see it just a hair under 200lbs. Crazy! this is why touring makes you a beast! its like doing lunges with a 50lb weight all day. 
yup 200lb Ricky. bring it. Max looks pissed, he want s to ski I think.

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