Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Best Ski Town in North America.

Its been a busy couple weeks. I moved, worked like a dog and did an impressive ski with Kanga at the Coquihalla. But yesterday Melanie flew in from North Bay Ontario, I picked her up from YVR and like true champions we drove straight to Rossland. We are gonna live the dream for the week and ski the dry powder of the Kootenay's in North America's best ski town.
My car is the real champ. It just keeps going and going. I better not say to much about it cause I still need to get er home. 

Today we skied cutblock peak. We skied some east facing shots in very good snow. 

First day on my new planks. Brand new G3 Manhattans
I rocked my last pair of G3 Manhattans for 3 years. They were a bomber ski and are still crushing it. However I have to keep up with the Joneses and the result is a very merry Christmas to me. I think they put a tiny bit more early rise in both the tip and tail and this is a very fun ski. Only one day on it so far but I'll say more after a couple more ski missions. Plus the graphic is really cool and it has neon green on the sides. Just killer.

Melanie getting above the clouds. 

Lunch Time.


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