Sunday, November 04, 2012

Waiting for winter.

Oh its been warm and wet as of late. There was a great week of rocktober skiing but lately I've just been working like a slave, but trying to work not to hard. Mel and I are still working on the bed frame and we even got to fish a couple times. The bed frame should be finished soon and winter will be here real soon........
Will and Shani Routley are living at the farm again this fall. Last week the doping control guy showed up to take some blood and pee from the man. Will and I go on rants about doping and how the cycling associations are such a gong show and we kinda solve all the worlds problems, oh the good times. Once a doper always a doper. Dopers suck.

fishing on the chilliwack. Last weekend Melanie was just on fire at the river she was catching fish for everyone. 

The big Chief was working overtime. 

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