Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Shoulder Season.

The last week has been very good. I don't know if winter is here for good or if its just a tease, but either way we had an unreal day skiing off the Heliotrope ridge on Sunday. Saturday we started making some furniture and I caught the first fish of the year as well. 
Melanie found Craig's bladder in the basement that has been sitting full of water for the past year, the tube was brown, full brown claw! why she's wearing the helmet I don't really know but its funny. 

Melanie is just checking out the wood I picked up for this sweet bed frame that we are making. Mel was thinking about spending 1400$ on this bed from the pottery barn. Then she found this ann white web site and we are now making a really nice bed. Im guessing with all the time we spend making this thing that $1400 would have been a good deal. 

Saturday after working on the bed frame we hit the river. First cast I pulled in this decent looking chum. We were at the river for about 2.5 hours and I think I pull in 4 fish. Melanie did't pull in that many fish, what a shame. I ended up smoking that chum and its very tasty. 

Sunday morning Mel, Nate, and I went up to Baker to ski the Heliotrope ridge.  It was really good for anytime of year but being Oct 21st made it much more sweet. We skinned right from the parking lot and had 3 laps in before the masses showed up. I guess waking up at 5 is worth it. 

skinning in Oct. 

Nate and Mel on the way up. 

Nate and Mel on the way down. There was about a foot/foot and a half new snow. It was a little wind blown in some areas and totally fine in others. Here is a photo some guy took of me:

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