Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookies, White Room, and Woodworking

It's been a while but I think winter is here. We got a little taste on Sunday of that bottomless powder feeling. On Sunday Chris, Connor, Melanie and I hit up mt baker. We skied "in bounds" but the hill was closed so it may as well been the back country. It was great, so much fresh snow! It nuked all day, we skied for about 4hrs and there was 6-8 inch on the car after. We got soaked and now my car smells awesome.

My Aunt Lynn made cookies and I was in the right place at the right time and scored this bag, (Hey Craig, see this, Sucka!!!!) sweet sweet ski food!
The up track, this is at Austin Pass. I love trail breaking when its deep! it means its going to be fresh and deep on the downs. 

Corn Dawg Master 



Headboard and footboard of the bed frame. Not bad eh. its going to be painted so that will cover up any mistakes(there is no mistakes). I feel like full husband material. word. 

This is what the paint job will look like. Full Antique. 

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