Monday, November 26, 2012


After looking at hwy cams, weather forecasts and ski hill reports all day thursday and friday Mel and I decided that the Duffey Lake area would be the best bet for pow in your face.
Not really liking the drive to the duffey we left crazy early saturday morning. The duffy looked like it had a ton of snow and everyone was saying how wicked whistler was. When we got to the duffey it was less snow then we expected and we bashed some alder and did some interesting creek crossing on our way to Keiths hut in the Cerise Creek drainage.

Once we got to the hut after an hour and a half the snow started getting really good. We did a couple runs above the cabin and the snow was ideal. epic pow. The best run we did was the last one of the day on a north facing aspect. 

Mel skiing down the ridge above Keith's hut. 
The higher up we got the better it got. This is the last run of the day and it was just unreal! Still a little low on the snow coverage but enough to slay the pow. 

this was my favorite section all day, just a nice steep pitch with great snow. 
The ski out was not to bad, but we need more snow for sure.

send it bro.

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