Thursday, November 22, 2012

Full Charity Ski

We took Mike "I get way to fat in winter" Levy out for his first ski ever today. Myself and the Nathan's took him up to the Mt baker ski area for some pizza and french fries. Mike ended up doing a lot of cross ups and stared to learn to turn near the end of the day. "oh oh oh my quads" was a very common phrase for Mr Levy. yeah mike its not so easy eh? "oh my foot hurts" I dont think I've ever heard anyone swear as much as Mike today. I guess learning to ski can be frustrating for a first timer. But Mike was really was a champ and will be pro soon.   
getting ready to have some fun.

Mike picked up the skining part really fast, its just like walking with planks on your feet. 

"I practiced so much in my living room. but its another ball game out here" Mike Levy regarding getting into his bindings. 

this was a very common shot on the day. Man down!

hummm I guess mikes foot was bad, crazy!

I went to London Drugs and got this photo blown up for the walnut frame I made in the summer. 

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