Monday, October 22, 2012

She said yes!

Melanie and I got engaged last weekend. She said yes! So unreal! such an awesome woman, Im a really lucky guy. We've been dating for about 15 months now and its been the best time of my life. We met when Melanie started creeping me on the internet. She found this blog and then we started sending facebook messages, I invited her to come skiing on mt Cheam, she came and did a leave behind of her skis. So I "had to" see her again.... the rest is history.

The ring. I got it at a place called Era Design in yaletown. its all locally engraved and really cool. 

Melanie on her 21st birthday. 

bros gone wild weekend in rossland. 

riding 7 summits in Rossland. We look so old in this photo. Check out my gut and then Melanie has her shorts pulled up to her armpits. old. 

Canoe trip in the Algonquin Park. 

skiing early season on baker. Melanie has some sweet cowboy gloves. yeeee haw!

This is on the top of mt baker. 

our new house. needs some work but Im a handy man. If they dont find you handsome they can at least find you handy. 

cutting the cake. 

whistler here I am. 

skiing at the coq

see Im the sparkle of her eye. 

powder day at the duffy. 

sunset ride on elk. 

oh snap! thats a big fish mel. 

poaching trails in Manning park. 

Marty and Tara's wedding in Hawaii. 

Melanie is a pancake master. 

riding in squamish. nice panty line melanie.

homemade pasta on ski poles, she is the dream girl. 

I dont really know whats going on here but it looks like we are having fun at rogers pass. 

skiing in rogers pass. 

I think she is marrying me for my car. 

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