Monday, October 08, 2012

Fall What?

This Fall has been busy so so far. I've worked a lot, ate a lot, raced the sumas smack down, fished for salmon, and did a bunch of really fun mt bike rides.
this might be one of the best sandwiches I've ever made. Costco triangle bun, farm fresh eggs, farm fresh tomatos, mayo, cheese, and the forbidden canadian back bacon. mmmmmm 

I grew a sweet fu for the sumas smack down race. It was the best course I've raced in my entire life. 

And they're off!
check out Bob's sweet line, huck the corner bro! shortest line from a-b is a straight line. 

Mike Levy on a podium? are you kidding me? 

Rode the Frome with Connor. Oh sweet rocky chunder! 

went fishing on the cap, these little guys were not taking the bait but being on the river with a rod is one of the best things in life, even if you dont catch anything. 

Ian trying to fly fish. 

Its been like 15 years since I've heard of the awesome bellingham mt biking. I finally made the trip down to check it out and Mark Peterson took Mel and I out on an unreal little rip. It will be less then 15 years till I go back, pair that up with beer that is cheaper then water and its a win win. Dont buy poultry or dairy however, support your canadian farmer and take pride in free health care.  

Had a great birthday ride up sumas with Mel and Nate. 21 never felt so good! 

perfect fall conditions

I guess some people know my car. thanks whoever did this, it made my day. and the ride was ok too. 

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