Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Its Hot Out

Bike season is in full swing. This last weekend was a gooder. Saturday I did the Just Another Bike Race in Squamish. Then Sunday, Craig, Melanie, and I did comfortably numb in Whistler. I have no photos from the race but you can find them on the double shutter web site. I also got my balls crushed by an impressive Neal Kindree who can shred squamish single track better then most. I ended up in 6th place on the day and got second in the timed down hill section. results. Not my best day ever on a bike but not bad for a guy who did more swimming and fishing and kayaking then riding bike. I also have the excuse that my chain guide broke and I kept loosing my chain all day. But in the end I was 15 min back from Neal. the guy could have ate lunch and had a shower while waiting for me.
Craig and I mid week man meal.
How do you mow the grass on a hot day?
Cooling off half hour before the race, Neal has a pool, gotta love it.
Craig and Mel about to get numb. "23k? this should be easy"
Mel getting skinny.
send it.
very nice
craig loving the numb, it was his first time riding out of the fraser valley. He is riding like a champ! what do you expect? the guy is my cousin and second cousin. He also crashed a couple times and again I say, what do you expect.
Melanie and Ricky enjoying the view.
facing the rock.

packing lot.
craig go boom. after crashing he swam in lost lake, my bet is they might have to chop his leg off because he has some Aussie flesh eating thing because of the lake but time will tell.

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