Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Harvest.

Summer is the best! Until winter comes with its excellent pow pow. The riding, kayaking, and picking fresh goods out of the ground is just blower right now.
picked this all out the back yard the other day. The raspberry season is now over but the blueberries are looking good, I feel some blue coming on.
Jordan and I went out to the pointa vista wave the other day, it was straight up wicked. I got in a ton of surfing with my old school Necky jive. It was fast enough to catch the wave so I kept hitting it over and over and over!
its so cool having this right out the back door. dude man!
Peggi's donair is always a hit post paddle or ride. boo yeah! Lamb thursday is my favorite!
Melanie showing off one of the five beans she grew in her little north van garden.
and this is some of the other produce she grew, not bad for the city eh.
now what would summer be with out some meat! if you don't eat your meat you can have any puddin.
On Sunday I went for a great ride with Kevin, Chris, and Melanie. Up to sumas to ride the knob gobbler, squid line, Noah fear, emma peel. that top section of Knob gobbler is maybe the best section of trail in the world. I pooed my pants with joy it was unreal! here Chris slaying the final part of Emma peel. such a great day!

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