Friday, August 24, 2012

7 summits in and out.

So a couple weeks ago Mike "27$ an hour" Levy had this unreal idea of going to Rossland. The plan was to drive out Wednesday morning, sleep in the van on some gravel road in the forest, then ride 7 summits Thursday morning, then drive home. Thats right, 13hrs driving and 4 hours riding. So of course I wanted in. I have to honor the "dude man" and do my best to fulfill rules 2 & 4. So Mike picked up Steve Uruski then me and we hit the road. After 6.5hours we arrived and I gave Rossland resident Steve Omischl a call to see if he wanted to ride with some hacks. Steve O took us up Red top trail. It was unreal! under an hour and just silly good. then we crushed some pints and crashed at Steve's for the night. Fully random and unreal! Rode 7 summits the next morning and Omischl drove the shuttle for us and we did the trail in 4.5 hours, it was maybe the best ride I've done all year. Then we pinned it home and took a shower in the river at rock creek.  Rossland is the best place on earth, I wanna move so bad!
Mike on the Red Top trail. Awesome view of the town of Rossland.
Random cabin on the climb up. This is what "the dream" looks like.
Steve O on top of the world.
Steve U getting it done.
Benz tap?
watching my waist line before the ride.
7 summits put in.

7 summits.
Levy in awe!
are you kidding me?

killing it.
dont slice a tire!

big old mine hole. crazy, we chucked some rocks down. I wouldn't wanna fall in to that.
This is maybe the best thing in life. crushing pints at the take out of 7 summits.
my dirty foot post ride. "you do realize that your foot is getting dirtier by putting it on my dash?" mike levy.
this guy should be in toronto. double double what!

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