Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Bros gone wild summer time.

Yeahhhh bro's gone wild! got the group together over the weekend, and a big group it was. There was five of us from the west coast, five from the greater Calgary area, and one crazy man from Quebec. We met up in Rossland BC for the best riding this world has to offer. We all rented a huge place with enough room for all 11 of us and shredded the best single track known to man! Team BC cooked dinner one night and team Alberta cooked dinner the next. A good time was had by all.
Rossland really is the promised land, I found this photo on my camera and thought I would post it just to prove the skiing is the best skiing also. 

Melanie made some riding food. Snap!

rode 7 summits Saturday. 11 of us took 5.5hours to do it. our ride time was only 2.5hours but Toby had 8 flats, Hadley had 7, Quinn had 2, Craig had 1, Mel had 1, and Phil had one burp that needed a bit of air. Awesome day, perfect weather, and the best group ever. 

Toby setting the early pace before the tire sharks attacked him.

Hadley, Quinn, and the dude man of the year Phil.

Mel and Craiger.

Jaz and Vin

Melanie with the "do you know who I am" pose. 

Ha, Random Lady on a hike we ran into. "do you know who I am"?

Craig living the dream!

Melanie sending it!

Mel and Craig waiting for Hadley to fix a flat.

this was the story of the day. the gong show of Hadley and Toby. But sure a nice place to fix a flat. 

yeah yeah I think this was a pinch. Matt says he likes to run18psi, humm....

The next Squamish wonder child, Mr Moberg. 

Dawg Brew burning off some coffee.

Hadley with air in his tires, a rare sight on this fine day.

the group on the top of record ridge.

post ride pints and tub. Oh the dream.

Team BC dinner. Fraser river bbq salmon, Nate farm corn, Ricky's mom's garden greens, Melanie's garden tomatos, China's rice. Full west coast. 

dawg brew coffee shop.

Mel about to summit the Tamarack trail on Route to SuperMegaDeath. SMD might be the best trail I've ever done. It ends at the USA boarder and starts up way in Rossland. By the time you get to the bottom you're just giddy. Epic flowing huck your meat, with views, steeps, and some drops to keep you on your toes. 

Trail was dusty so we had to session between riders, I like to skid a lot and Melanie likes to see so it was one at a time. with this photo you can see the best little town on earth. 

Team Alberta Burger night. 

the group hanging out at the pad. 

thats what Im talking about, 

Monday morning we rode red top. Quinn and Toby seize the day. 

the group at the red top cabin. 


Quinn wanting to stay, but all good things must come to an end. 

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