Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Time?

Well its been a busy last month with a lot going on but not really. so here is some photos from the good times.
After the Red Bull Divide and Conquer Toby stayed for a bit. We wanted to get in some spring skiing it was good but not ideal. on the monday we went for Mt Cheam in Chilliwack and we ended up doing more road building then skiing but what can you do, "if the road ahead is not paved you need to build a new one" and we did thanks to our G3 shovels. My car is the bomb by the way, we drove her right to the snow line.
Im a pro at shoveling chicken poo and I was very surprised at how my chicken poo shoveling fitness transferred over.
This is the chute down to spoon lake, great vis, happy June.
Wednesday the sky opened up and we got a great weather window to ski mt Baker. early start and lots of Crowsnest Coffee Company brew were very much needed.
We had to hike for about 45min up the Heliotrope trail but then we hit the goods.
We made it to 9200ft then the wind gusts turned for the worst and we chose to turn around and slay some corn. Awesome day.
Then Melanie and I went to Hood River Oregon to hit up outlet mall and get our shop on......... We shopped for epic singletrack, and we got the goods for sure. Post Canyon is an unreal place to ride, really nice buff trails and tons of flow, there was also a ton of gap huck your meat or what ever you want, oh the good times.
Melanie sporting her Nimby 50 race winners jersey. with the epic view of mt Hood in the background. I think hood river is a very cool place, you could set up shop and do some awesome spring skiing, hood, Adams, and St Helens are all within sight. Crazy.
I Like.
Then last weekend Melanie, Etsell, and I went for the baker again. It way the first sunny weekend in a while and we counted over 50people to reached the summit. We did not. The wind was once again kinda crazy at 9200 and its just not fun, I hate the wind. Im out! so we just skied down and loved life.
Etsell with one of the massive groups going down.
Melanie getting her sun burn on. It was so bright up there, I wore sun glasses and still my eyes were burning.
this is about where we turned around. so cool.

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