Sunday, June 17, 2012

Red Bull Divide and Conquer

The Full Dude Men won the Red Bull Divide and Conquer yesterday in West Vancouver. Team "The Full Dude Men" got together a couple months ago when Toby found out about this relay race on the interweb. When red bull puts its name on something everyone wants in, and we wanted in big time. So Toby found a fast runner named Mike "do they have prize money?" Vine of xterra fame, and the Dude Men united with the purpose to crush some balls. Now we had an awesome team and I thought we would be a shoe in for the win, but when we went out to do some course recon and ran into some of the other teams I knew we would have our hands full. I was fully star struck when I was at the pre race meeting with the likes of Will Gadd, Ben Marr, Chris Johnston, Dylan Wolsky, Logan Grayling, Chris Gragtmans, Josh Carlson, Wade Simmons, There was a Traslin and a Titus, the race was stacked with tons of talent.

VineMan did us a huge solid when he was in the lead group of 3 after the run with Titus and Ed Mccarthy. Ed's Mt biker was Dylan Wolsky so when I got the hand off I was pooing my pants because Dylan is one of the best all round dude man huck your meat riders in the world. So I went balls to the wall for an 1:40 and was able to put two minutes into Dylan and left Toby with a bit of lead when he sent it off the red bull launch pad into the Capilano river. Toby crushed the paddle and we won the race. So sick!
Mike show me the money Vine about to put the hurt on. 

the run to mt bike hand off, thats Dylan in the red and Will Gadd green and Mike Traslin in the background. 

Mt bike to Kayak, Toby about to slay Will Gadd. 

final podium. The Full Dude Men in first, team Arcteryx in second, and Giant/Dagger in third.


more full dude man

we made some money too. dollar dollar bill y'all! 


ssportsman said...

Nice work Ricky! You looked completely chill when I saw you hossing up to Seventh; didn't seem to be racing at all..

Anonymous said...

not bad for a part time chicken farmer!